Why we do what we do

At the core of all change is passion. We are not an exception. What sparked our launch was actually two passions. One for design and one for sustainability. Let’s dive in to our passion for sustainability.

Our aim is not to be part of the mass production clothing industry. Quite the opposite actually. We aim is to be part of the sustainable market. When buying something from us, you can read about why it’s a good purchase. Some of our products are made in certified fairtrade factories, some are made completely chemical free, some are made by companies with certificates in fair work and some are sold with a specific amount of the profit earmarked for a good cause. Some are included in all of the above. Its all specified on the products page.

Sure, we could have just designed a print and put it on any shirt, and sold it super cheap or just overpriced. But obviously we didn’t do that. We have taken our time to find good partners to print our designs, that share our values and have similar goals and passions as we do. We work hard to make sure the entire process is as good as can be. We try to do a little more if we can.

Qlic Yaaas Queen Ecological T-shirt

Why do we do this? Because today, the average ecological footprint is about 3.31 gha, way above what the planet can actually handle. Our goal per person should be 1.63 gha. Give that some though, and read more at worldmapper.org.

So, doesn’t more consuming just contribute to this? Well, it’s our belief that we do still need clothes to wear… If we buy them at second hand stores and from sustainable brands instead of from the industry’s bad guys, we will in many ways lessen our footprints and also do good for the world, like creating fair and safe jobs.

We hope that this gives you a little understanding about us, and why we even exist. If you have any questions, obviously ask away! If you feel inspired, get yourself something pretty! If you want to read more, head to our about page.