We are launching!

Dare to dream, it may come true. With some hard work too, of course. We are Qlic Club. We are the result of dreams and hard work.

Finally, we’re launching our new look and brand, with more of everything!

This brand actually started as a small and personal project by our founder, Sandra. (That’s me, I’m writing this! So from now on, I’ll speak directly from me.) When launching, I didn’t know how I wanted the brand to grow, but as time went on (not a lot of it, but some time) I started to feel like I needed to separate the brand from me, and let it grow with it’s own personality. The personality grew bigger than I imagined it would! So I named it Qlic Club, or just Qlic to save time, and here it is!

You might wonder why I named it Qlic, or you might not, but I’m going to tell you anyway. When I was a little girl, I imagined running a sort of lifestyle magazine, about wellness, style and good food among other things I just liked. I took long walks in the woods, planning and thinking about what I wanted it to be like and what to name it. It needed to sound chic, cool and a bit feminine, but also not really mean anything. I came up with Fliq. This was the little seed that grew to become Qlic.

I bet you noticed the little difference in the name though. When brainstorming the name, I used the internet to find meanings and to try it out in a few settings, and when I realised that Fliq actually didn’t sound quite right, I played around with it and got Qlic instead. It’s can be associated with cliq and chic, but it doesn’t actually mean anything. Adding Club after, I got a nice URL as well, and the ability to not have customers, but a community. And why it starts with a Q? Because it’s one of my fave letters and I think it makes for a good logo!

We are launching
We are launching

Seriously, what is Qlic then? What does it stand for? Who is it for? Why does it even exist? Okay, honestly, do you really wonder all these things? If you continue reading this, I guess you’re at least a little curios!

As I mentioned before, it started as a personal brand. After some time, I started to want to be able to separate the brand from me. Not because I didn’t want to be associated with if, but because I think it needed to be it’s own thing to fully be what I want it to. I want it to feel more like a community, a safe space, rather than me just running a brand. I also want it to have it’s big and bold personality, rather than just mine. Does it make sense?

Qlic is unique because of its honesty and its bold and sassy personality mixed with down to earth approach. It sounds a lot like clichés, but this is coming from the heart. It’s honest. Read more here!

Now, when it boils down to it, Qlic is not a lifestyle magazine, maybe not really a lifestyle brand either. Qlic is your sassy friend, your shoulder to lean on, your bold and daring idol and a few more things in-between it all. Qlic is life with a pinch of salt. Don’t take it all too seriously, it’s okay.

Peace, love and sass