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So, sometimes things happen in the world that are beyond your control. But what it leads to and what you make of it, that’s what counts!

Now this isn’t a long text about what COVID-19 is or isn’t, there are far more interesting and, of course, more reliable resources out there for reading about that. This is, however a little text about how it came to affect Qlic. Because, you may or may not have noticed, Qlic has been taking a break for a while. This is simply due to a series of unforeseen and highly unfortunate events.

Honestly though, I won’t go into detail, but you just need to know that COVID-19 came and with it there were uncertainties in the job-market, for entrepreneurs and small business owners and, since that’s where Qlic fit in, for me as well. This unfortunately forced me to put Qlic on hold for a little while (to be honest: I didn’t know for exactly how long) for a few reasons. In the middle of all these uncertainties and a lot of things going on, it was also a welcome little break from thinking about that as well (although you never really stop thinking about your business when you’re a business owner). But it was also, obviously, difficult not to continue to pursue my dream, even though I knew it was temporary.

Qlic Club

But, things have a way of working themselves out, and now Qlic is back and I have more energy and motivation and bigger dreams than ever before! So, you are very welcome to buy, follow and share Qlic with everyone you know (or just the ones you like) to support me and my dreams.

As a last note, if you are still with me, I want to tell you that a lot of ideas that have been brewing in the background during this time, so keep an eye out for more exciting things around here somewhere and you’ll be the first to know!

Peace, love ans sass

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