We are Qlic

We are Qlic, this is all about us. We believe in everybody’s rights. We believe in a fair world. We believe everyone deserves to be just who they are. We believe you are here for the same reason!

What is Qlic?

Qlic Club is including everyone who shares our values. You are already a part of us if you do. Together we empower, create, adventure, play and spread joy.

We are a cliq or club if you will, a lifestyle brand if you will, or just a clothing brand if you will. We are not too concerned about labels. For us, what we stand for and where we come from for is more important. We are a Swedish brand, the result of passion, dreams and hard work. We aim to help everyone express who they are and to put some color and joy into your everyday.

We design loud and colorful prints and we produce them using a few trusted companies that shares our values. Every item is special. Some are made in certified fairtrade factories, some are made completely chemical free, some are made by companies with certificates in fair work, some are sold with a specific amount of the profit earmarked for a good cause and some are included in all of the above. You can then wear them all with a clear conscious and a smile on your face.

The founder

Hi there, I’m Sandra. I’m glad you found your way here! Qlic is my dream come true. I love catch phrases and quotes, I have found inspiration, motivation and comfort in them. And I’ve always enjoyed adding my own typography and design to them. So I created Qlic, my very own business doing what I love. BOSS!