We are Qlic

At Qlic, we believe in everybody’s rights. We believe in a fair world. We believe everyone deserve to be just who they are. We believe you are here for the same reason!

What we stand for

Be unapolagetic. Be empowering. Be sassy. Be you.

Qlic is the result of a passion mixed with a dream. Too cheesy? We don’t think so. We are all about honesty, and that is the honest truth. We stand for unapolageticness, creativeness, playfulness, adventures, sass, empowerment and so much more. We want to put some color and joy into your everyday, and to do so while keeping your conscious clear. We design loud prints, and produce them on garments using trusted companies that have the same values as we do.

Need som inspo?

Need inspiration? Have a scroll through our lookbook! Different looks for different seasons, but all colorful and fun. Enjoy and get sassy!